Friday, June 13, 2008

Jesse Ventura on a Trampoline

There are some things you expect to see along a marathon course. Volunteers. Spectators. Police & traffic control.

Jesse Ventura on a trampoline is not something I expected to see, but there he was.

I think he was around mile 8 or 9 - not the real Jesse, but some nut in a costume. He had on a crazy flesh-toned muscle outfit & was wearing a neon Speedo. I think there might have been a feather boa involved as well. The guy adorned his upper lip with a great fake Jesse mustache...or maybe he grew his own for the occasion. I hope so. I admire that kind of dedication to your craft.

He was hopping around on one of those mini trampolines. Not sure why. All the while he encouraged runners in a deep, Jesse-inspired baritone. He did a decent impression.

A few yards after I passed him, I heard a guy behind me say something to the effect of, "Well that was weird".

The guy who said it was running in a US Postal Service uniform.

That was a really trippy race.