Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Group Run Options

For all you Twin Cities metro area runners, here are a couple of group run options.

Option #1: The Stillwater Marathon offers "on-course training runs of 6.5, 12.5 and 20 miles (with water and pace leaders)" with the next run scheduled for Saturday May 8.  The training runs are free, but you do need to register on-line in advance.  Click here to register.  This link includes starting time information, meeting place information, and route information.

The Stillwater Marathon itself will take place Sunday May, 30th.

Cool fact about the Stillwater Marathon: they are also having a 20 mile race in conjunction with the marathon.  Kind of a neat way to get that 20 miler in for all you late spring, early summer marathoners.

Option #2: Team Ortho is hosting a run this Saturday, May 1, for the Minneapolis Marathon.  This run is also free.  There are two routes planned: ten miles and 16 miles (with the option of tacking two miles on at the end).  Both routes have supplied water stops along the way.  The bulk of the run is on the Minneapolis Marathon.  Click here for starting time information, meeting place information, and route information.

The Minneapolis Marathon is scheduled for Sunday June 6.

Blognation Pop. 5

Julie Berg trains beginning runners, runs ultras, 5ks, qualifies for Boston and blogs all about it along the way.  You can check out her blog Run On at

Also check out the other blogs in blognation on the links along the right.  I try to add a new blog a week.

If you know of a blog about running in Minnesota that should be added (inlcuding your own), contact me at Michael.d.nawrockiATgmailDOTcom.  People have been doing a nice job of pointing me to their own blogs or they like (Run On came at the recommendation of someone else).  So don't be shy.  Keep those e-mails coming!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As Drew mentioned before, MDRA coach and Lydiard guru Nobby Hasizume not only went to Boston but also got some great access to the elite runners, allowing for these pictures posted here.

But wait, there's more.  Here's more about Nobby's trip to Boston, in his own words.

It was a perfect day at Boston.  It had been raining ever since I arrived on Friday.  It doesn’t happen often that somewhere else is colder than Minnesota!  They were even talking about possible snow flurry Friday night!  The rain stopped by Sunday evening.  As we walked out of Runner’s World party, the only concern I had was the wind.  At 10:00PM, the flag around downtown Boston was whipping around pretty hard…  

Next day, I took a train from where I was staying, Newbury Port, to North Station.  A beautiful clear sky and the sun was shining.  At Copley, I spotted the Hanson brothers, Kevin and Keith.  I call them “Boston Wind God” because when Reiko Tosa ran it in 2006, he gave us the chart of marathon course, divided into each 5-mile segment with projected wind of the day.  “10 miles an hour tail wind coming from about 45 degrees angle.  But when you start to go up the Heartbreak Hill, it’ll be almost directly from behind…,” they said. 

My main concern for this year’s race was on 2 runners; Jason Lehmkuhle and Paige Higgins.  Jason has been running very well in the past few years.  With the strong wind on his back, I thought he might even flirt with 2:10 barrier.  Likewise, Paige is trying to break 2:30 barrier.  Paige’s coach, Greg McMillan, and her father were driving along the course to check her out and I was following her progress from the media room at Copley.  A few miles to go, she was running 15thplace and catching up other runners fast and she was the first American woman.  Excited, I rushed outside with a camera.  I positioned myself about 300m to the finish.  I looked up the big screen and saw the men’s leader, Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot, the younger.  It says: “One mile to go” and the clock shows 2:01…I had to double-look – that’s sub-2:06 pace!  Nobody’s going to run 2:05 on Boston course!!  

Then I realized that I was too busy checking Paige’s split times and forgot to check Jason’s split.  “Maybe he’s going for sub 2:10…” was my thought.  In the end, he was 9th overall, the third American behind Ryan Hall (4th) and Meb Keflezighi (5th) in 2:12:24 – 30 seconds PR.  At the finish, he was completely spent.  With the power of Media Pass, I dashed to him past the finish gate for high-five.  He could barely lift his hand.  That’s how it should be – good on him!  Congratulations, Jason!! 

Paige couldn’t break 2:30 barrier either but was the first American female and 13th overall, passing a few more in the final mile (the last one on Boylestone).  After having to forgoing Boston due to a knee injury last year; and a DNF at LA Marathon mere month ago, it was a nice redemption for her.  Congratulations to her as well. 

A few years back, when they had the US Cross Country Championships in Boulder, CO, Jason was asking Steve Hoag how to run Boston.  “You’re ready for a breakthrough,” Hoag said to Jason.  It wasn’t meant to be at Boston then but his breakthrough came in NY when he finished 5th behind the former world record holder, Khalid Khannouchi at the US Olympic Trial.  He carried on and PR-ed at Boston.  But, at the same time, couldn’t help but give even more respect to Steve Hoag’s 2:11:54, yet another 30 seconds up from Jason’s time, when he chased down “Boston Billy”, Bill Rodgers in 1975, 35 years ago!  So here’s a big congratulations to Steve Hoag as well. 

St. Prefontaine Day

After my 10k at Sunday's Saturday's Get in Gear came to its slow, steady end, I stuck around in the finish line area despite the rain and despite the fact that I would have to advertise a time I wasn't very happy with.  But I still wanted to stay there and visit with as many people as I could and swap stories.

Get in Gear is a nice race for me because I live less than a mile from the Falls.  So I eventually jogged home and, like I do every year, had to marvel just how far away from the Falls people had to park.  About half an hour later I drove a friend to the airport and we saw the shuttle buses and we saw people walking to the light rail station with coffee cups in their hands and race numbers.  And everyone seemed so happy.

And this got me to thinking, Get in Gear is like a holiday for runners.  There are a handful of races that are like that, where you feel like it's some holiday.  Some of my favorite races are not on this list.  So a race on this list isn't better than one that isn't.

These are just races that feel like a racer's holiday.  You could call it St. Prefontaine Day, in honor of the patron saint of foot racing.  Well which races go on this list?  Here's my take, in the order of the calendar.

1. The Frozen Half.  This is a holiday in the same way a barn raising is a holiday.  Everyone puts on their best face to do some hard work and there is a sense of community.  Simply waiting in line for the port-a-potty is a test of endurance.  You chat with everyone about crazy this is and how much it will suck.  But when it's all said and done you loiter in the office building enjoying the warmth and the sense of accomplishment.  The mug is a nice touch too.

2. The Human Race.  I have always felt like the Human Race is the first day of school.  All the competetive runners show up with new uniforms for the team they run for.  People come out of Runner Vacation and you see people you haven't seen since Twin Cities Marathon weekend.  And oftentimes a trip to a nearby bar and grill caps off the afternoon.

3. Boston Marathon Yeah, I know, it's a holiday only for the elites.  You need the money and the qualifying time, but it is a truly special race.  Anyone who can take advantage of the opportunity should do so at least once.  Colin really captured why in this post a few years back.

4. Get in Gear As I put together the RRRR #6 post, I came to realize this is a goal race for so many first-time racers.  It is really cool to read about how happy people were to finish their first race and be hungry for more.  And for a lot of people, this is the only race they do all year.

5. Go North! 5k Yes this is a smaller 5k, but it just goes to show, the size of a race doesn't make it a holiday.  This race has it all: a drumline and dance team at the start and on the course, Minnesota summer weather, and a hot dog party afterwards.

6. Grandma's Marathon Do I have to explain this one?  The holiday starts Friday with the caravan to Duluth and then everyone from Two Harbors to Duluth celebrates on Saturday.  I've been known to continue celebrating this holiday into the wee hours of Saturday night Sunday morning.  And I think that is the key: Grandma's is a Saturday race.

7. Twin Cities Marathon Between Grandma's and TCM, there are so many races.  And I should add, so many GREAT races.  But the sheer volume makes it hard for one to stand out as a holiday.  Imagine if Thanksgiving, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, July 4th, and Labor Day all happned over a three week period.  They wouldn't feel like a holiday anymore.  But TCM is a weekend-long event now and TCM or the TC10 is the goal race for so many runners.  It's like all the races bottleneck to TCM and it is THE racing holiday of the second half of the year.

Conspicuously Absent
1. All races that fall on a holiday.  This includes the obvious (turkey trot and the Valentine's Day run) as well as the Brian Kraft 5k and the Victory races beecause they fall on holiday weekends.

2. Outstate races.  I almost added Nerstrand Big Woods Half Marathon because everyone sticks around post-race to have soup in the church basement.  But it may have just been a fun race for me and a regular run for everyone else.  I'll have to run that race some more to figure it out.  But I just haven't run enough races outside the metro area.

Any races I missed?  Any races I should have left off?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Race Results and Reports Roundup #6

Update #2 (April 25, 1:02 p.m.) Results from the 5k, half, and full marathon in Nisswa have been added (Run for the Lakes).  Five race reports and two videos from Get in Gear have been added.  A news story about the Kick the Couch 5k (video) and a photo album from the Nisswa races have been added.  I'll update again tonight.

Update #1 (April 24, 5:36 p.m.) Results from Chippewa Trail 50k added.  The first round of Get in Gear photo albums and race reports have been added (one photo album and four race reports).  Contact me at michael.d.nawrockiATgmailDOTcom if/when you have a race report from any of this weekend's races to share.

Mama always said Get in Gear weather is like a box chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.  Today brought rain.  Someone needs to enlighten me as to why, pre-race on rainy days, runners cram themselves into whatever shelter they can from the precipitation.  You're going to get soaked anyway during the race, so why not get used to it in advance?

Anyway, on with the results, race reports, and a look ahead to next week.  I'll probably have my own race report up tomorrow.  I ran my slowest 10k ever, but I ran even splits for the first time since the TC10.  So my head is back in race shape.  I just need my body to get there.

Get in Gear Results for all events
Chippewa Trail 50k Run Results
Run for the Lakes   5k results   Marathon and half marathon results

Results wanted/pending, if available:
Kick the Couch 5k (Mankato, MN)
Walk on Waconia 5.5 and 10.2 mile run

I will keep finding race reports and still need to write my preview for Sunday's races.  So keep checking in.  If you have a race report you want to me to share, contact me at Michael.d.nawrockiATgmailDOTcom

Race Reports
Get in Gear
Wayne's Get in Gear Photo Album (124 pictures)
Minnesota Don (10k)
Best Day of the Year (great pictures capturing this spring race)
Diary of an Average Runner (half)
Tenaciously Yours (5k)
Brett posts a video of his first race ever  (10k)
Twelve in Twelve (5k)
Seven Minute Miles (10k)
Julie's Running Blog (10k) (editor's note: Julie is on a crazed pr streak)
Simon Says... Run (10k)
Crossn81 captures footage of 5k, 10k, and 1/2 marathon finishers
The Curvy Life (10k).  It's hard not to smile when you read this story.  It is reason #2763 running is awesome.

TV news story of the Kick the Couch race video

Brainerd Dispatch's photo album of the Nisswa Run for the Lakes races.  Some of the pictures need to be rotated 90 degrees.  And by some, I mean most.

Upcoming Races
Next weekend I will be in Champaign/Urbana, IL as part of a relay team race for the Illinois Marathon.  I've never done a marathon relay before, but it looks like a lot of fun. 

Sunday is a big day with both the Lacrosse and Eau Claire marathons taking place.  And here in Minnesota the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon.  The New Prague Half is a stop on the Grand Prix tour, so there will be a wide range of runners out there joining you.  And there is a pretty cool trail half marathon along the Gunflint Trail.

Take a look at all the races.  A lot of good races to choose from.

Saturday May 1, 2010
Runnin in the Ruff 10k and Two Mile Race (Milaca, MN)  Link
  • $17 to pre-register in advance (I cannot find a link to the pre-registration for online, but contact information for the race director is in the link above).  $21 for race day registration.
  • Registration: 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.  Race starts at 10:00 a.m.
  • Seventeeth annual.
  • Trail runs along the Rum River.
  • Part of the Minnesota Trail Series.  Everyone should do at least one trail race a year. 
  • For all you Twin Cities runners, this is a great place to see the running scene outside of the metro area.  Milaca is about 65 miles north of the Twin Cities.
 Run Around Women Plus 30k and Five Mile Race (Longville, MN)  Link
  • Longville is about 120 miles west of Duluth.
  • $30 (pre-registration deadline has passed).
  • This name confused the heck out of me until I looked at the course map.  There is a Woman Lake and neighboring Girl Lake.  You run around both in the 30k, hence the name.
  • Good tune-up race for a spring marathon for all you northwoods runners.
Randy Bauer Memorial 5k (Coon Rapids, MN)  Link

  • $20 if you register on or before April 24 (no extra fee for online registration).  $25 race day registration.
  • Race starts at 10 a.m.
  • This race is in honor of a science teacher who worked with at-risk kids and was an avid runner and outdoors adventurer.  He died of cancer in 2007 and proceeds from this race go to cancer research and programs to help at-risk youths.   
 May Day 5k (Waconia, MN) Link
  • 9 a.m.  $30 (pre-registration deadline has passed).
  • Sixteen turns through city streets.
May Day 5k (Eagan, MN) Link (pdf)
  • $30 race day registration.  $25 if registration is post-marked Saturday April 24th.  
  •  Includes a half mile (or is it quarter mile? the information is conflicting) and mile run for the kids.  Fee: $10 if postmarkd by Saturday.  $15 race day.
  • Add $3.25 to all these fees if you choose to register online.
  • I love the course for nostalgic purposes.  That there is a classic Texas high school cross country course.  About twenty turns and figure eight loop around the athletic complex.  Don't knock it until you've tried it.  The race tends to go by a lot faster on a course like this.
  • Proceeds go to Eastview's High School National Honor Society.
From the Heart Half Marathon and 5k Run/Walk (Owatanna, MN) Information Link

  • Registration link
  • Half marathon starts at 8 a.m. and 5k run/walk starts at 8:30 a.m.
  • If you register on or before April 25th: $30 for the half and $20 for the 5k.
  • After April 25th but not race day: $35 for the half and $25 for the 5k.
  • Race day registration: $50 for the half, $35 for the 5k.
  • Nice looking course that runs through parkland, neighborhoods, and a creek.
  • Proceeds go to directly support two families with a family member fighting cancer.
  • Second annual.
Down and Dirty 8k Trail Run (Lake Elmo, MN) Link
  • Registration is closed for this race, but I had to add it because it seems unique.   A women's only trail race through the Lake Elmo Park Reserve, one of favorite places to run.  So ladies, keep this race on your radar for next year if you aren't doing it this year.
Third Annual SAFA/BAP 5k Race for Ronald (Coffman Memorial Union, Minneapolis, MN) Link
  • $15 with no fee for online registration.
  • High noon.  Course goes through the University of Minnesota campus.
  • Proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House.
 Nick Clare Memorial Run 5k, 10k, 2k Walk (Hastings, MN) Link
  • 5k and 10k start at 8:30 a.m. and 2k walk/run is at 8:45 a.m.
  • $23 if registration is received today (add a little over $2 to register online).  $28 after that, including race day registration.
  • Click here for the history of the race, the story of Nick Clare, and the Nick Clare Foundation.
  • 5k route has seven or eight turns and is run on city streets.  10k runs has 12 turns and runs along city streets and through a park on the Mississippi River.
  • Both courses are single loops.
River Valley Relay Marathon (Stillwater, MN) Link
  • 8 a.m. start time.
  • Lots of choices here.  You choose how many people, between two and eight, are on your team.  You choose how long each person on your team will run.  You choose which seven non-profit organizations will receive your proceeds.
  • $30 for each team member.
  • Click here for a story from the Stillwater newspaper about the race.
Sunday April 2, 2010
Lacrosse Fitness Festival (Lacrosse, WI)  Link
  • 5k on Saturday and a half and full marathon on Sunday.
Eau Claire Marathon (Eau Claire, WI)  Link
  • Marathon, half marathon, and two mile fun run all on Sunday. 
Arboretum Bud Break 5k (Chaska, MN)  Link 
  • 5k starts at 9:00 a.m. and One mile Daffodil Dash (for ages 5-12) starts at 10:00 a.m.
  • $20 for members of arboretum members, $25 for non-members.  Price is same for either race.  Price goes up to $30 for everyone who registers after Tuesday, April 27.
  • Price includes general admission into arboretum.
  • Winding figure- eight course (sort of) and the flat, asphalt trails of the arboretum and past the gardens.  Sounds like a really nice run to me.
Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon (Wayzata to Excelsior, MN)  Link
  • Sold out :(
 Tribute to the Troops 5k Run/3k Walk (Eagan, MN) Link 1    Link 2
  • Race day registration only at this point.
  • All proceeds go to the Fallen Heroes Children Education Fund.
  • Schedule
  • $18 for the 5k, $12 for the 3k, or $10 and $5 respectively for active and reserve military.  Kids under 12 run for free.
  • 2nd annual.
Ham Run Half Marathon and 5k (Grand Marais, MN)  Link
  • Registration ends 4/31.  $45 for the 5k, $59 for the half.  
  • Point-to-point race along the Gunflint Trail.
 Friends of the Orphans Cinco de Mayo 5k run/Walk (St. Paul, MN)  Link 
  • Includes a kids' 1/4 mile and one mile run.
  • Registration ranges fro $12 to $25.  Registration closes 4/30.
  • Proceeds go to the Friends of the Orphans to fight poverty.  Participants are encouraged to raise $100 for this charity.  Link

Friday, April 23, 2010

Blognation Pop. 4

Chad Austin: cornerstone of the Minnesota running and blogging scene, savvy veteran runner, unofficial and accidental copy editor for this blog, and Blognation's newest member.

Check out Chad's personal running blog, Simon Says... Run.

Chad also has a blog under our MDRA approved linkage section, Running Minnesota.  As you may already know, this is where Chad has a collection of interviews of local elites.

Speaking of approved linkage, check out Minnesota Tri News a site already familiar to all your triathletes.  But it has a lot of good stuff for everyone.  So check it out.

250 Meters Down, 41,750 To Go

Michael Rand is a sports reporter and editor for the  Minneapolis Star Tribune.  And he is does a little marathoning on the side.   Jason Lehmkuhle's ninth place finish at Monday's Boston Marathon caught Mr. Rand's attention.  So for fun he tried to see if he could hold Jason's pace for a quarter mile.

Click here to see the story and the accompanying video to see if Rand could do it.

And now to dicuss the results.  Rand is your typical runner.  Running an all out quarter mile, he was able to finish within seconds of Jason's marathon pace.  And this begs the question, which is more impressive?  Running 168 consecutive hilly, asphalt laps in 75 seconds OR running one lap in world record time, 43.18 seconds?

It's an impossible question to answer, but it doesn't mean it can't be asked.  And it doesn't mean I can't try to answer it.  Sure I'm biased because I'm a distance runner, but I would have to say 168 laps at 5 minutes per mile is more impressive because of the mental fortitude and discipline it takes in addition to the physical impossibility of it all.

And finally I'd like to close by saying it's not often we get to name drop on the blog.  But I need to give an extra shout out to Jason because he is not only a professional runner but also a graphic designer.  The logo that is currently on our MDRA singlets with the ribbon is his design.  He also does the bulk of the graphic art you find in the magazine version of Run Minnesota.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Race Results and Reports Roundup #5

Friday April 23 update: 103 pictures from the Running of the Pigs 5k posted by The Sporting Life.

Thursday April 22 update: Fourteen more race reports/picture sites have been added.  I also added a pretty lame preview of this weekend's races.  The only thing lamer than that preview is my attitude about racing the Get In Gear.  If you've ever dreamed of beating an over-the-hill never-was like me, this weekend those dreams will probably come true.

Did I say I'd get to the roundup Monday night?  That was crazy talk.  I meant I'd think about blogging Monday night but get around to it Wednesday.  Away we go....

Saturday April 17, 2010
Trail Mix 25k, 50k and 50k Team Results
Cemstone Run for Others 5k 10k
Challenge Obesity 5k Results
Bunker Hills Run 8k 2 mile Mile
Fitgers 5k Results
Earth Day Run(s) Results and Pictures
NE Minneapolis Mississippi River Earth Day 5k Results
Dragonfire Walk for Athletics 10 mile, 10k, and 5k Results

Sunday April 18, 2010
MDRA Mudball Results 
Running of the Pigs 5k Results
Quick Steps for Reading 10k results only

Results wanted (if available): Minneapolis Recycle Run and Bill Gallagher 5k.

Race Reports
Steve in a Speedo

Trail Mix
Tri Lulu Tri
Run Jean Run

Challenge Obesity 5k (ed note: very cool stories here)
Fit This Girl
Prior Fat Girl
Challenge Obesity 5k Pictures (From GlossyDigital--over 1320 pictures)
Also click here for other races from GlossyDigital previously not linked here, including Run the Valley, Easter Sunday Rise n Shine, and Get Lucky 7.
Challenge Obesity 5k Pictures (from Charities Challenge's homepage--over 300 pictures)

Bill Gallagher Memorial 5k
Bill Gallagher Memorial 5k Pictures
Bill Gallagher Memorial 5k News Story

Fitger's 5k
Duluth News Tribune story about the Fitger's 5k, including the leader outpacing and running around the pace car.
Up North Running

Earth Day Races (St. Cloud)
St. Cloud Times recap of the Earth Day Half Marathon
Julie's Running Blog
Addicted to Running

Other Races
St. Paul Saints Recap of the Running of the Pigs... wait a second, the story says hot dogs were served post race.  If I were a pig at that race, I'd be running too.
TSL's homepage has 103 pictures from the Running of the Pigs 5k 
Peace Coffee Racing (Minneapolis Recycle Run 5k)

Upcoming Races
Okay so I totally dropped the ball here and did not summarize this weekend's races.  I am in the virtual doghouse.  Consider it a one time slip up, until I do it again.  Then it will be a two, three, four, five time slip up, whatever the case may be.

As the fire of my old blog turned to ash in 2008, I did write a little piece after the TC5k proposing a little something I call the Lazy Mike 5k.  Well, gentle reader, consider this to be Lazy Mike's Preview of this weekend's races.

Get In Gear Races  Has anyone heard of this race?  Some obscure race that no one does.  It goes along something called East and West River Road.  Anyone know where that is?  Crap, I still need to sign up... Hold on a sec....  Well I'm back now and that sucked.  The very close and loyal reader of this blog should have figured out now that I'm not a big fan online registration fees, especially a certain non-local site that bombards you with unwanted offers and advertisements as you register.  So I urge you all to go to your local running store to sign up.  Say hi to the folks working there.  Support our local running scene and save $2.50 in registration fees.  END SOAPBOX SPEECH HERE.

Other Saturday Races: There is a race in Waconia.

The Ice Age Trail 50k will be going on (but I think it may be a little late to start training for that one).

WAIT!  WHAT?  there's a marathon in Nisswa, MN and the winning time last year was a 2:43.  Who knew?

Let's see, there's some sort of row-ride-run triathlon in Winona.  Again, not a good one to do if you plan on starting your training program tomorrow.

And people are kicking couches in Mankato.  Oh wait, that's the name of the 5k.  Unlike the aforementioned races, this one sounds like one you can do with little training between now and the race.

Sunday's Races The Run for Justice 5k is a good low-key race.  There is also a race walk in the STLP, which I know is harder than it looks.

Okay that was a really lame rundown of the races.

For those of you doing Get In Gear.  See you there, and if you write a race report, you'll see it here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Check out Jason Lehmkuhle running Boston

Courtesy of our roving running reporter Nobby Hashizume, who also serves as a coach for the women’s running class and author for RunMinnesota magazine, snapped these great pictures of Jason finishing the Boston Marathon yesterday. Jason PR’s with a finish time of 2:12:24. Way to go Jason!
If you a few spare moments, check out this cool running site:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

MDRA Mudball Four Miler Race Report

I know I am waaaaaay behind on posting.  I owe this blog a Results and Race Report Round Up.  I hope to give you a comprehensive report tomorrow (Monday) night.  My non-running life at work and home has really got the best of me.  And to think, a year ago, I was laying around in a hotel in Boston, shooting the breeze with some college friends, resting up for a marathon.

Things change.  This weekend was a bit more busy.  But I hope to get back on the blogging horse this week.

But I did get out to run a four miler on this beautiful spring day.  The MDRA Mudball was more of a Dirtball race, as there was no mud to be found with our early thaw.

For those of you who have yet to run an MDRA race, I hope you do at least one of the remaining two races.  It's the closest you can get to Minnesota's racing roots.  No frills.  Affordable.  Grassroots.  Fun.  Here are your two remaining choices:

Mom’s Day 5k Saturday May 8th 8:00 a.m.
MDRA Mississippi 10 Miler Sunday May 30th 8 a.m.

Now on to the Mudball.  Or more specifically, the story of today's Mudball as told in pictures.

First, click here for results.  

The close reader will note that Blognation's own Steve in a Speedo was third overall.  I would also like to thank Steve for kicking my ass by 80 seconds after we were side-by-side at mile 1.5 providing MDRA with some of his pictures.

So here is my race report of the Mudball, as told in pictures.

Starting line preview.

Course preview.

Starter preview.  The Mudball is the third oldest race in Minnesota and has always been held in Wirth Park.  And flour is probably the oldest way to mark a course in Minnesota.

The start of the kids' race.  If you couldn't figure that out on your own, you are not very observant and probably would have tripped on a root during this old school cross country course.  Thanks to Steve "In a Speedo" Stenzel for the picture.

Another picture from Steve.  Kids could run one or two 1/4 mile loops, depending on their age.  


One last picture from Steve.  There is a rumor floating around MDRA that these kids ran their last 1/4 mile faster than I did.  I am here to say that rumor is 100% true.

Minutes before the start of the race.  The tension is palpable.  This race is laaaaaaiiid back.

NEWSFLASH: Kirt Goetzke ran more than one race this weekend!!  And in other news, the sky is blue.

Smiles mark the start of the race.  MDRA would also like to recognize Andrea Berger (#286?) in light blue and sunglasses.  With this picture, she becomes the first runner to show up in two different pictures on this blog, as she was previously part of this post.  Congratulations Andrea!!  You are either a very active member of MDRA or a stalker.  Your prize will either be all the Powerade and Nutter Butters you can consume in the MDRA Fall Marathon Training Program, or a restraining order.

There they are: your first place (#3) and second place (#251) finishers.  That guy in blue went through with the leaders and then his body reminded him he is out-of-shape and old and he had to slow to down.  Steve Stenzel is about to pass his way to third place.

Take your pick of anything on this table.  It will be the fanciest thing about the race.  That course map is awesome.