Wednesday, June 18, 2008

another chance to win a hat is here!

Once again it's on! Last year we ran a competition after Grandma's with an MDRA hat as the grand prize. We're bringing it back for 2008.

Here's how it works. Email with a race recap in Haiku format. That's right. Haiku.

For the unfamiliar, it's a 3 line poem with 5 syllables in the first & third lines and 7 syllables in the second line.

Here's two examples:

Bonked so very hard
Good thing I had Gu with me
Slow walk to finish


PR in the bag
All my training paid off huge
Runner's high is great

There you have it. Recap your Grandma's experience in Haiku & win yourself a sweet Headsweats MDRA hat.

Bring the prose, runners
Free running schwag is way cool
Make us laugh and win

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