Wednesday, June 11, 2008

could be worse

I realize the weather has been less than ideal as of late. I grew tired of soggy slogs in rain a few weeks ago. However, it could be worse. The picture below was taken this morning in Park City, Utah, by my buddy Chad.

Our rainy stretch has been dreary...but not nearly as bad as finding 2 inches of snow on your patio mid-June.

Side note... my buddy Chad will come up again next week. With Grandma's Marathon around the corner, I'll recount some of my favorite memories from when I ran it in 2002. Chad's name will pop up in a post tentatively titled "Best. Cheering. Ever."

Other Grandma's memories I'll regale you with include "Caffeine Man", "Jesse Ventura on a Trampoline", "Cell Phone Chicks", and "The Sexy Limp". Stay tuned.

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