Sunday, October 31, 2010

Come Run with the Polar Bears!

Just because the fall running season is almost behind us doesn’t mean you need to retire your running shoes for the long, cold, Minnesota winter. Instead, come run the Polar Bears!

The Polar Bears are a group of runners that meet every Saturday morning for, you guessed it, a run. All paces are welcome. Distances typically range from about 6 miles to 14+. Locations change from week to week. Here’s a quick list of why you should join us:

  • · What better way to get in a workout than with some new friends?
  • · We’ll help you get your long run in from October to February.
  • · If you haven’t experienced running with the group dynamic, you should try it. It’s free!
  • · You’ll meet some MDRA regulars, who are more than willing to talk about running, racing, sports, politics or…just about anything.
  • · It’s a great way to become familiar with the MDRA

So how do you sign up? Simply go to and select either “Sign in and apply for membership” if you’re already a Google Group member or select “Apply for Group Membership” if you’re not. You’ll need to become a Google Group member one way or the other, but that’s relatively pain free. When applying for membership be sure to mention a few words about how you heard about Polar Bears. It’ll help us differentiate you from the spammers.

Once you’ve joined you’ll receive an email during the week about where we’re meeting the following Saturday. It’s that easy!