Monday, June 23, 2008

Coupla things

First off, this is our 200th blog post. Welcome to it.

Next, don't forget to send us your Grandma's Marathon Haiku for a chance at winning an MDRA hat. A herculean effort this is not. You could have your kid write it for you. We won't tell. "No dessert until you finish mommy's haiku. And clean up your room!" Kids these days...

Also, there's an article in the Strib about barefoot running. I cross that same railroad bed on my lunch hour runs, and my feet get dinged up in shoes. Crossing that barefoot can not be pleasant.

Finally, we got a request from a MN runner Steve K. who is looking for some traveling companions:
"I'm a competitive marathon runner and I'm planning a two week trip to the mountains in August (8th-24th) for some altitude training. Unfortunately none of my serious running buddies can take the time off or miss prior commitments, etc... So I'm looking to find one or two people to come with me."

If you too would be down with some high-altitude butt kicking, drop us a line & we'll put you in touch with Steve.

1 comment:

Kel said...

Vibram Five Fingers make barefoot running a lot more pleasant. Give it a try some time ;)