Friday, September 26, 2008

recover food

The Twin Cities Marathon is 9 days away, and I'm already thinking about my post race recovery meal. As you're all aware, post-workout nutrition plays an important role in nutrition.

In my world, post-marathon meals & nutrition do not go together. I'll punctuate my TCM by scarfing down two Jucy Lucys & fries from Matt's Bar, and "re-hydrating" with a refreshing, hoppy, local beverage or two.

How will you recover after the marathon? Share your plans in the Comments section.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

training trivia

The MDRA marathon training class this fall has 80-ish runners it. Here's a breakdown of what they'll be running this fall, courtesy of coach Nathan:

10 first-time marathoners (at least)
6 who have run 10+ marathons
18 first-time MDRAers
8 trying to qualify for Boston
Running other marathons this fall:
San Antonio
Whistlestop (3)
Des Moines
Marine Corps
Death Valley

Good luck to the MDRA marathon class & everyone else tackling the 26.2 distance this fall. For a bit o' inspiration, here's the trailer to the film I mentioned yesterday.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

marathon memes

This just in - the film The Spirit of the Marathon will be making it's Minnesota debut at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis on October 4th at 3:00 PM.

In other news of the 26.2, writer Wade Bergner (he's from Wisconsin, but we won't hold that against him) submitted the following pre-race article:

This week serves up round number two of Marathon Paradise. Grandma’s Marathon starts our spring with a bang and Twin Cities Marathon blesses us with one more round. TCM Fever is in the air and don’t we know it. Both races have earned the reputation as world class events. These events provide us with a tremendous amount of motivation and excitement. With this being said, big time races may cause us to put excess stress on ourselves as we zone in on a peak performance. Below are some thoughts to lighten your load so you can enjoy your marathon experience.

As runners we typically focus on our task at hand. We love the thrill and adrenalin that setting a goal and seeing it through provides us. Allowing our bodies to stretch into un chartered territory, is a very personal experience. We all must remind our selves how incredibly fortunate we are to encounter experiences like these. Some people physically are not allowed this opportunity.

This weekend I handed myself a bit of humble pie, as I experienced a disappointing race. As we focus we often loose the fun factor. With the mind and body locked in on what needs to be done, often we loose touch of the big picture. After reflecting I realized that just a few months back my goal was to be healthy and enjoy running. How quickly one forgets as we forge ahead to bigger and better achievements. Regardless if you have spent time on the sidelines or not, please remember that if an injury takes you out do not fright. You are being called to a greater challenge. Listen for it and respond to it. Like the song says, if you love something set it free. Above all else keep your active lifestyle in tact. Collectively we as runners positively influence our families, friends, and general public with our lifestyle. Running has so much to offer the greater good. Feel good about passing it on.

On your way to Sunday’s starting line, be sure to leave any stress in your drop bag with your sweats. There is simply no room for it on the course. Allow yourself to become one with the race. Visualize yourself watching down on the event as it unfolds. Let it sink in that you are part of something special that is much more powerful than an individual goal. Collectively we are exposing the masses to a wonderful activity that can improve lives. I truly believe by keeping these things in mind you will allow yourself to experience marathon paradise.

Friday, September 19, 2008

TCM top ten

The Star Tribune ran an article today about the field coming to the Twin Cities Marathon. I'm proud to say my sister-in-law Johanna is in the Women's Open top 10.

This year the TCM is hosting the Master's marathon national championship, as well as the women's 10 mile national championship. If you aren't racing, get down to the course & watch some of the fastest athletes this country has to offer.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

bumper sticker contest winner!

We've got a winner for our MDRA bumper sticker competition! Bonnie Hanson of Roseville submitted the entry "I can run faster than your Honor Student" which cracked us up. We'll be printing these up ASAP, so look for the new bumper sticker at the MDRA booth at the Twin Cities Marathon expo.

We'll also be bringing 2 classic bumper stickers out of retirement - the ever popular "I'd rather be fartleking." and "Run Minnesota - plenty of water stops".

The MDRA board sends a big thank you to everyone who submitted a sticker idea. We had close to 30 suggestions and only one was ruled out a previous bumper sticker. That's a heck of a lot of originality.

The next blog contest (blogtest? someone trademark that!) will to recap your Twin Cities Marathon in limerick format. Details will be posted after the race.

Friday, September 5, 2008

More volunteers needed

Hey there cats & kittens - we still need volunteers for the Lake Calhoun water stop at the City of Lakes 25K this weekend. Email Heidi if you can lend a hand. The race starts at 8:00 am.