Thursday, March 25, 2010

MDRA 7 Mile Race

You know the routine: another spring Saturday means another free “members only” race for MDRA members. This Saturday (March 27, 2010) brings the MDRA Seven Mile Race in Hopkins. What the name lacks in creativity it makes up for in truth because, well, it’s seven miles long.

Race starts at 9 a.m. and registration starts at the race site at 7:30 a.m.
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  • Hills. What better way to get yourself into racing shape than with a hilly course. The chair of the MDRA Race committee, Norm Champ, pointed out that the spring race series is designed to get runners in race shape by the end of spring. If the four miler last week was designed to get those racing feet wet again, this Seven Mile Race is designed to build your strength and sharpen your mental edge.
  • Last year's course marked a change in the course. Savvy veteran runner and MDRA Secretary Kathy Benhardus described the course as a continuous series of hills. The previous course featured something called "Puke's Peak." "If you can make it to the top of that hill, you feel you can do anything."
  • This year's course will bring on some new changes due to road constructions, but expect just as many hills, or as savvy MDRA 7 Mile veteran, Rosemary Harnly says, "a grand vertical experience."
  • Like all MDRA races, this is a very accessible, age-group friendly race, where runners of all ability participate. "This race is a great age-group experience," says Harnly, "The masters gals are a bunch of incredible performers."
  • And Harnly is clearly a runner with good taste. She is quick to note the giant Great Harvest cookie, the defining feature of any MDRA race.
So come out and enjoy this free members only race. If you're not a member, it's a good time to join MDRA because it's alwayss a good time to join,

Come out for the hills, the old school, grassroots atmosphere, and of course, the cookie.

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Unknown said...

Yes Yes Yes indeed! You can count on this MDRA Seven mile to be run on seven miles of hill some roadway. N to notably to run from stiffness because you will become seven miles older when you've done your time. Hooray!!