Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't Be Hangin' Your Life on the Wall

Or so sings Texas troubadour, Guy Clark.

Well one person who follows this creed is Terry Hitchcock.

Alert reader, Polar Bear plunger, and MDRA mainstay Kristen Johnson let some folks in the Spring Marathon (and half marathon) Training class know that tomorrow April 16* there will be a movie about Terry Hitchcock playing Friday night at St. Anthony Main at 7:30.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

The movie is called My Run: The Terry Hitchcock Story.

Plagiarizing Paraphrasing even more from Kristen's e-mail, here are some relevant links.

The movie's website, including a trailer. The close reader will note that Terry began his run to Atlanta from St. Paul, MN.  So there is your local connection.  It also looks like the production company has Minnesota ties.  Link.

Terry Hitchcock's website.  Link.

Tickets go on sale April 1, 2010.  Link.

* I erronously said the movie is tomorrow, when it is actually Friday April 16th.  My fault.  In the meantime, meet Chad Austin, whom I may have to hire as a fact checker for this blog.  Chad, I will buy you a shot of Ultima for every error you correct of mine.  How's that for a paycheck?


Chad said...

"tomorrow there will be a movie about Terry Hitchcock playing Friday night at St. Anthony Main at 7:30"

Isn't the movie actually on 4/16?

Rocco said...

Yep. Fixed. No one ever said I was brilliant. Thanks for catching that.

Chad said...

WOW, that's tempting! Not!

Anonymous said...

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