Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blognation Pop. 1

One final weekly feature I want to add to this blog and then we will be set for awhile.

One thing I have discovered over the last few weeks as I have been working on posts is there are A LOT of running blogs out there, all with a lot of great pictures and training or race reports. I personally like to read what other runners are up to. No story is too fast or slow to be of interest.

The breadth of runners in MDRA is impressive. We have trail runners, marathoners, road racers, and people who just like to run and could do without any races. And hopefully, week by week, we can get all those types of runners and more represented in Blognation.

But I prefer to build Blognation up one blog at a time, so it is not overwhelming and suddenly you have 60 new blogs to sift through.

So I will start with Westy's Running. Why? Well because he was the first person to contact me in my initial call for bloggers.

It's safe to say the blogger over at Westy's running likes marthons, mileage, and ultras a lot more than the average runner. As someone who prefers the 5k over anything else, it is nice to see how another cross-section of runners in MDRA live. I will say this, we both share an appreciation for trails over roads.

So this your TO DO list.
1. Head over the Westy's Running and check out his blog. Ophidiophobes may want to wait a few days for the next post.

2. Contact me at Michael.d.nawrockiATgmailDOTcom if you have an MDRA member and have a blog of your own, or one that you enjoy reading. I will highlight the blogs in the order that they are received.

3. Stay tuned every Wednesday as Blognation adds a new member and grows in population.

Please please please contact me. I love hearing from other runners.

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