Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Calling All Bloggers!!

There are a features I want to try to introduce to this blog, and for it to work, I would like to involve as many of you as possible. Here are my thoughts to make this blog more MDRA community-based....

1. Every week (or so), I hope to summarize the upcoming races as well as look at the ones that happened over the previous weekend. Now, Kirt Goetzke I ain't, so I won't be at every race. This is where any of you running bloggers can help. If you ran a race and have a race report you like to share, let me know and I will review and link to it, assuming you pass my two ground rules.
  • This is a family-friendly blog, so the language and content will have to pass a rated G or PG standard. Those of you who know me well may find irony in that I am the gatekeeper in this area.
  • The purpose is to support races and share experiences. If you have a complaint about the race or how it was organized, this is not the forum to do it. I have had a taste of just how much work goes behind the scenes to pull of the humblest of 5ks. It is A LOT of work. I have nothing but respect for the race directors and organizations that hosts our local races.
2. If you find a cool running nugget you think is worth sharing or have a running blog of your own, contact me at Michael.D.NawrockiATgmailDOTcom and I will pass it along on this blog.

With that being said, the next post from me will be about the week that was the week that will be regarding races.

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