Wednesday, October 29, 2008

don't forget to win stuff

Just wanted to remind everyone about our latest MDRA contest. I'm extending the deadline to next Friday (11-7) since we've received only 2 submissions thus far. Write a TCM limerick. Win stuff. Brag.

I've seen some crazy things while running - like Jesse Ventura on a trampoline, a dog in a wagon, jerks, etc. But on Monday I saw somehing that topped them all.

I saw a man jogging & using a cane. Jogging. With a cane. Honestly.

It was what, 38 degrees Monday afternoon? This cat was wearing shorts & a sleeveless shirt. Brave man. He looked about 25-30 years old & was actually using the cane while jogging. I guess it was more of a power walk/jog combo. He was definitely putting weight on the cane each time his right foot hit the ground.

On behalf of MDRA and sane runners everywhere, please take time off from running if you need a cane. Try some aqua jogging or biking or something. I'm begging you. Your doctor is begging you. Your orthopedic surgeon is on the fence. If you screw up your recovery, he'll get paid again to fix you up.

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