Friday, October 10, 2008

Medals 4 Mettle

Here's a dandy of an organization; Medals4Mettle. There was a piece on them in the latest Runner's World, but it's worth repeating here. (Thanks to Kevin B. for the heads-up)

According to their website, Medals4Mettle's "mission is to celebrate and reward the individual and collective courage of all human beings by facilitating the gifting of marathon finisher’s medals from marathoners to people who have demonstrated similar mettle, or courage. The recipients can be any age and might have exhibited such mettle by dealing with disease, handicaps or any similar challenge. Marathon runners around the world, and others who have won medals, give their medals to Medals4Mettle. Then our nationwide network of physicians and others award these medals to those who might not be able to run a marathon, but are in their own marathon to continue to live their life."

If you're like me (if you are, congratulations! You rule!) you have a drawer or two strewn with finisher medals from lots of races. I have 6 marathon finisher medals, and I don't know where a single one is. I know where my Ironman medal is, but only because I stumbled across it while looking for a paper clip.

Rather than letting those medals collect dust in some drawer, why not donate them to a non-profit who will do something cool with them. They accept any and all earned marathon, half marathon & triathlon finisher medals. Go forth. Donate.

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