Thursday, March 12, 2009

you don't have to be Minnesotan to join MDRA

Here's a bit of member drive day four MDRA trivia for you; You don't need to live in Minnesota to be a member of MDRA.

Many of our members live in, not surprisingly, border states like Wisconsin and North Dakota. We also have members who once resided in the land of 10,000 lakes, but moved away.

There are a number of Arizona-based MDRA members, and at least one in New Jersey. We even have a confirmed MDRA member living in New Zealand, which is about as far away from Minnesota as you can get before you start coming back again.

Why would people thousands of miles from Minnesota be MDRA members? Check this out...

If you've been following our member drive, you might have noticed the first comment on Monday's post. Here it is;

"So, just found you when I did a google search for Rocktane. After breezing through your blog, makes me wish I were running in Minnesota...well, sorta. Minnesota's really, really cold! Keep up the great blogging!
Running Happy (in warm North Carolina)

(If you're wondering about the Rocktane refernce, I talked about it here and here.)

Wow. Someone in a nice, warm climate read some rambling about the Minnesota running community and thought, "That sounds nice." She (I'm guessing she since Toni is spelled with an "i") wrote that after reading about our winter running... in a place that has freakin' palm trees!!!

As much as I'd like to take credit for Toni's reaction, my writing has nothing to do with it. If it weren't for all of you Minnesotans out there supporting our events, classes and races, there wouldn't be a thing to blog about. There wouldn't be enough stories to fill an issue of Run Minnesota magazine. Other MN blogs like Down the Backstretch and Running Minnesota would have sparse content at best.

Runners in far-flung locales want to be MDRA members because Minnesota is the kind of place they wish they could run. Thank you, MDRA members. You make us look good.

P.S. If Toni leaves North Carolina for Minnesota, I'll buy you all a drink or something.

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