Friday, March 13, 2009

I was hoping it wouldn't come to this

All week long, I've been jawing on about why you should join MDRA. Unfortunately, our membership hasn't dramatically jumped like we'd hoped. So, its time for plan B.

MDRA's top scientists have been working on plan B (code-named "Project Grey Duck") all week. Last night they succeeded. Wondering what terror awaits?

We've re-animated the corpse of John Dillinger, and if you don't join MDRA he's coming to get you.

I'll spare you all the gory details about how they revived Mr. Dillinger. I will say that it was surprisingly easy, what with all the medical companies headquartered in Minnesota. Dillinger is being held in a secret location and is not a happy camper, I assure you. He just wants to get back to his old bank robbing, dame-chasing, tommy gun-toting ways. We told him he could, just as soon as all runners who aren't MDRA members get a good "talking to".

Come on, runners. Don't make me be the bad guy here. Don't make me set un-dead Dillinger loose on Minnesota.

Join MDRA.

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