Monday, August 11, 2008

goo review & new contest too

As promised last week, here's my review of Gu Roctane: It was fine.

I didn't barf, I didn't bonk. I didn't develop superhuman strength or the ability to do really complicated long division in my head. Although, I did work the Pythagorean theorem in to a joke shortly after consuming my Rocktane.

In other news it's time for another MDRA contest. Our most popular items at race expos are bumper stickers. Past slogans have included "We Run Minnesota", "I run, therefore I am", "I'd rather be Fartleking", and my personal contribution, "Get your run on". Dickensian.

Well now it's your turn to come up with a new MDRA bumper sticker slogan. The rules are; it has to be a new slogan (we'll check it against our master list of stickers past) and it has to fit on a regulation bumper sticker (under 10 words is best). Deadline is September 1st, and the winner will receive a bumper sticker, hat and singlet prize pack! We're going big with this one.

Email us your entry by September 1 & the MDRA board will pick a winner at our September meeting. Good luck, runners.

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