Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm officially sick of winter

I hate to keep blogging about crappy weather...but I'm doing it anyway. We hit 37 over the weekend, and now it looks like we'll be below zero in the metro by tomorrow.

The only good thing I've found about running in below zero temps is this; I know exactly how to dress. When the temp is in the mid 20s I'm always too hot or too cold by the end of a run. But I can totally nail it at minus 5. Weird.

The MDRA MySpace thing is gaining momentum. We're up to 4 friends now! We could have more, but I'm denying all the friend requests from webcam chicks. Sure, they're cute. But we're really more about running than, you know...porno.

Gotta keep that G rating alive.


crossn81 said...

me too!! I did enjoy the fresh powder this morning though! And don't forget about the windchill - ugh.

Chad said...

"But I can totally nail it at minus 5."

That's because we've had a ton of practice this year. Heck, when/if it hits 40, I'm not going to have any idea what to wear.