Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'll quit whining now

OK, the weather really isn't that bad. I had a great 6 mile run over lunch today.

Apparently there's a business women's conference of some sort going on my my building today. As I stretched in the lobby, I caught the attention of several cougars waiting for an elevator. Yeah, I've still got it goin' on.

Nice to know I can turn heads of women of a certain age.

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Nathan said...

BS. It's cold. I'm sick of it. I hate treadmills, but the heck with it, I want to be warm. 2 hours on the treadmill tonight will be simply fantastic.

Of course, you won't see me at the run on Saturday because I'll be up North. Yes, north. I need a sunny beach right now. I'm dreading the cold right now.