Friday, July 6, 2007

I promise I'll stop slacking tomrrow

At last month's MDRA meeting, I committed to building a website for the Victory 10K/5K. How far am I? Well, I've got an idea of what it might look like. In order to kick my butt into gear, I am hereby committing to finishing a Victory site by Monday's MDRA meeting. I might as well work on it tomorrow, it's going to be 1000 degrees or something crazy. I want the two or three people who read this blog to hold me to it. The Victory site will be up by our 7:00 PM meeting. Promise.

Speaking of MDRA meetings - they can be pretty fun. Heidi brought a cake to our last one. President Kevin had a hard time keeping us on task since we were all hopped up on sugar. Gloria said the word "Ba-donk-a-donk" twice - which was beyond hilarious.

We also spent a good deal of time discussing how exactly Grandma's Marathon was going to enforce the USATF 'no headphones' rule. Did anyone out there witness a race official stealing someone's iPod? If so, we want to hear about it! I wanted to fake a video clip of USATF thugs beating down a headphones-wearing runner. But I don't need Grandma's mad at me. I bet that Dick Beardsley could really throw down if provoked.


Don said...

I'll hold you to it! Oh, yeah.

Unknown said...

Me too! But then again it's not like I can exactly fire you....for all your volunteer work!