Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big weekend

A lot happened last weekend. For starters, Alan Webb set a new American record in the mile with a scorching fast 3:46:91. He broke Steve Scott's 35 year old record by a little over a second. Go Alan.

In closer-to-home-news, Matt Gabrielson of Team USA-Minnesota ran a big fat PR in the 5000. He finished in 13:30:68 You can watch Matt give a synapsis of his year thus far here. Matt is now an Olympic trials qualifier in the 5K, 10K, and Marathon.

That last link is to a podcast of Matt recapping his performance. People can comment on it, just like you can comment on this blog. Most of the comments are congratulatory, and they should be (he just ran a 13:30 5K for cryin' outside!). However, some assbag named Biff Minion didn't have anything nice to say. I won't reprint his arrogant comments. However, if you google him, you'll find several requests from runners asking to remove him from various running forums due to his inflamatory postings.

New MDRA contest: First person to backhand-slap Biff wins an MDRA hat. Make me proud.

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