Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Race Results and Reports Roundup #5

Friday April 23 update: 103 pictures from the Running of the Pigs 5k posted by The Sporting Life.

Thursday April 22 update: Fourteen more race reports/picture sites have been added.  I also added a pretty lame preview of this weekend's races.  The only thing lamer than that preview is my attitude about racing the Get In Gear.  If you've ever dreamed of beating an over-the-hill never-was like me, this weekend those dreams will probably come true.

Did I say I'd get to the roundup Monday night?  That was crazy talk.  I meant I'd think about blogging Monday night but get around to it Wednesday.  Away we go....

Saturday April 17, 2010
Trail Mix 25k, 50k and 50k Team Results
Cemstone Run for Others 5k 10k
Challenge Obesity 5k Results
Bunker Hills Run 8k 2 mile Mile
Fitgers 5k Results
Earth Day Run(s) Results and Pictures
NE Minneapolis Mississippi River Earth Day 5k Results
Dragonfire Walk for Athletics 10 mile, 10k, and 5k Results

Sunday April 18, 2010
MDRA Mudball Results 
Running of the Pigs 5k Results
Quick Steps for Reading 10k results only

Results wanted (if available): Minneapolis Recycle Run and Bill Gallagher 5k.

Race Reports
Steve in a Speedo

Trail Mix
Tri Lulu Tri
Run Jean Run

Challenge Obesity 5k (ed note: very cool stories here)
Fit This Girl
Prior Fat Girl
Challenge Obesity 5k Pictures (From GlossyDigital--over 1320 pictures)
Also click here for other races from GlossyDigital previously not linked here, including Run the Valley, Easter Sunday Rise n Shine, and Get Lucky 7.
Challenge Obesity 5k Pictures (from Charities Challenge's homepage--over 300 pictures)

Bill Gallagher Memorial 5k
Bill Gallagher Memorial 5k Pictures
Bill Gallagher Memorial 5k News Story

Fitger's 5k
Duluth News Tribune story about the Fitger's 5k, including the leader outpacing and running around the pace car.
Up North Running

Earth Day Races (St. Cloud)
St. Cloud Times recap of the Earth Day Half Marathon
Julie's Running Blog
Addicted to Running

Other Races
St. Paul Saints Recap of the Running of the Pigs... wait a second, the story says hot dogs were served post race.  If I were a pig at that race, I'd be running too.
TSL's homepage has 103 pictures from the Running of the Pigs 5k 
Peace Coffee Racing (Minneapolis Recycle Run 5k)

Upcoming Races
Okay so I totally dropped the ball here and did not summarize this weekend's races.  I am in the virtual doghouse.  Consider it a one time slip up, until I do it again.  Then it will be a two, three, four, five time slip up, whatever the case may be.

As the fire of my old blog turned to ash in 2008, I did write a little piece after the TC5k proposing a little something I call the Lazy Mike 5k.  Well, gentle reader, consider this to be Lazy Mike's Preview of this weekend's races.

Get In Gear Races  Has anyone heard of this race?  Some obscure race that no one does.  It goes along something called East and West River Road.  Anyone know where that is?  Crap, I still need to sign up... Hold on a sec....  Well I'm back now and that sucked.  The very close and loyal reader of this blog should have figured out now that I'm not a big fan online registration fees, especially a certain non-local site that bombards you with unwanted offers and advertisements as you register.  So I urge you all to go to your local running store to sign up.  Say hi to the folks working there.  Support our local running scene and save $2.50 in registration fees.  END SOAPBOX SPEECH HERE.

Other Saturday Races: There is a race in Waconia.

The Ice Age Trail 50k will be going on (but I think it may be a little late to start training for that one).

WAIT!  WHAT?  there's a marathon in Nisswa, MN and the winning time last year was a 2:43.  Who knew?

Let's see, there's some sort of row-ride-run triathlon in Winona.  Again, not a good one to do if you plan on starting your training program tomorrow.

And people are kicking couches in Mankato.  Oh wait, that's the name of the 5k.  Unlike the aforementioned races, this one sounds like one you can do with little training between now and the race.

Sunday's Races The Run for Justice 5k is a good low-key race.  There is also a race walk in the STLP, which I know is harder than it looks.

Okay that was a really lame rundown of the races.

For those of you doing Get In Gear.  See you there, and if you write a race report, you'll see it here.


Julie said...

Hi Rocco,
Thanks for the mention:) Thanks for posting all of the blogger race recaps...I have been playing musical blogs:)

Maybe I will see you tomorrow! Good luck!

Jean said...

Thanks again for the link to the race report, Rocco. I like these posts. It is fun to see other race reports and get a feel for what else is coming up on the schedule. Very nice work!

Rocco said...

Thanks for your comments guys. Keep those race reports coming! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking my blog post about Trail Mix to your story. Feel free to link any time. I've linked your site to mine - it's awesome somebody is collecting all these race reports! It's nice to get other runners' thoughts on courses, events, and running in Minnesota. Keep up the good work!

John Huron said...

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