Sunday, April 18, 2010

MDRA Mudball Four Miler Race Report

I know I am waaaaaay behind on posting.  I owe this blog a Results and Race Report Round Up.  I hope to give you a comprehensive report tomorrow (Monday) night.  My non-running life at work and home has really got the best of me.  And to think, a year ago, I was laying around in a hotel in Boston, shooting the breeze with some college friends, resting up for a marathon.

Things change.  This weekend was a bit more busy.  But I hope to get back on the blogging horse this week.

But I did get out to run a four miler on this beautiful spring day.  The MDRA Mudball was more of a Dirtball race, as there was no mud to be found with our early thaw.

For those of you who have yet to run an MDRA race, I hope you do at least one of the remaining two races.  It's the closest you can get to Minnesota's racing roots.  No frills.  Affordable.  Grassroots.  Fun.  Here are your two remaining choices:

Mom’s Day 5k Saturday May 8th 8:00 a.m.
MDRA Mississippi 10 Miler Sunday May 30th 8 a.m.

Now on to the Mudball.  Or more specifically, the story of today's Mudball as told in pictures.

First, click here for results.  

The close reader will note that Blognation's own Steve in a Speedo was third overall.  I would also like to thank Steve for kicking my ass by 80 seconds after we were side-by-side at mile 1.5 providing MDRA with some of his pictures.

So here is my race report of the Mudball, as told in pictures.

Starting line preview.

Course preview.

Starter preview.  The Mudball is the third oldest race in Minnesota and has always been held in Wirth Park.  And flour is probably the oldest way to mark a course in Minnesota.

The start of the kids' race.  If you couldn't figure that out on your own, you are not very observant and probably would have tripped on a root during this old school cross country course.  Thanks to Steve "In a Speedo" Stenzel for the picture.

Another picture from Steve.  Kids could run one or two 1/4 mile loops, depending on their age.  


One last picture from Steve.  There is a rumor floating around MDRA that these kids ran their last 1/4 mile faster than I did.  I am here to say that rumor is 100% true.

Minutes before the start of the race.  The tension is palpable.  This race is laaaaaaiiid back.

NEWSFLASH: Kirt Goetzke ran more than one race this weekend!!  And in other news, the sky is blue.

Smiles mark the start of the race.  MDRA would also like to recognize Andrea Berger (#286?) in light blue and sunglasses.  With this picture, she becomes the first runner to show up in two different pictures on this blog, as she was previously part of this post.  Congratulations Andrea!!  You are either a very active member of MDRA or a stalker.  Your prize will either be all the Powerade and Nutter Butters you can consume in the MDRA Fall Marathon Training Program, or a restraining order.

There they are: your first place (#3) and second place (#251) finishers.  That guy in blue went through with the leaders and then his body reminded him he is out-of-shape and old and he had to slow to down.  Steve Stenzel is about to pass his way to third place.

Take your pick of anything on this table.  It will be the fanciest thing about the race.  That course map is awesome.


Julie said...

Wow, that looks like a fun race:) Great pictures!

Steve Stenzel said...

Ha! I love this report! It's a great write-up!

Nice to officially meet you out there!