Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Weather for Grandma's Marathon

Twin Cities meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas is running Grandma's this year. As a result, the rest of us are getting a totally awesome race day forecast from his blog.

Here's the start time forecast for the Bjorklund half: "6 A.M..temperature.....54 degrees...Dew point temperature...50 degrees...Sky: patchy fog otherwise clear to partly cloudy with some showers south of Duluth...Wind: Light and variable."

Nothing, if not thorough. Thank you, Johathan. Run fast and have fun.

Get up to date Grandma's info from the Duluth News Tribune's Grandma's Marathon Section. Jeez, could I say 'grandma's' a few more times in this posting? I think I'll go call my grandma.

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Don said...

Thanks for the link to Jonathan's forecast! I'm hoping that he will update it again tomorrow morning.

We also have good luck with the forecast for Duluth Sky Harbor, available at It may be more accurate for the lakeshore than the regular Duluth forecast, which is for the airport up on the hill.