Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grand Prix... It's For Everyone (and only $5)!!

One way to be part of the yearlong celebration is to partake in the annual MDRA Grand Prix. The Grand Prix is not just for elite runners. It is designed for ALL runners. For a mere $5 you too can join your fellow Minnesotans. Awards are given for the overall winners by gender, and there are also age-group prizes. But, more importantly, ALL runners who participate in at least 10 races get a prize; and if you can do all 13, you get an extra special prize!!

The first event of the Grand Prix is coming up: The Meet of Miles on the evening of January 11, at the U of M Field House. You can still participate in the Grand Prix if you miss this event, but if you want the Meet of Miles to count toward your standings you do need to sign up for the Grand Prix in advance or when you show up to run that evening.

If your still uncertain about doing the Grand Prix or feel it's too intimidating, I suggest you come to The Meet of Miles and watch me run. It's fun watching a beached whale try to run. You'll see me and think, "No way. If that bald guy with a beer belly and no muscles can do this Grand Prix thingy, so can I!"

Really, the Grand Prix is more about participation than competition, so participate now! What better way to say Happy Birthday to MDRA and be a part of our 50th Anniversary yearlong party!

Click here for more information on the Grand Prix, including how to register.

More information about the Meet of Miles will be posted soon.

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