Friday, September 26, 2008

recover food

The Twin Cities Marathon is 9 days away, and I'm already thinking about my post race recovery meal. As you're all aware, post-workout nutrition plays an important role in nutrition.

In my world, post-marathon meals & nutrition do not go together. I'll punctuate my TCM by scarfing down two Jucy Lucys & fries from Matt's Bar, and "re-hydrating" with a refreshing, hoppy, local beverage or two.

How will you recover after the marathon? Share your plans in the Comments section.


Nathan said...

Jucy Lucy has been standard TCM recovery food for me too the past couple TCMs. That, and beer. SurlyFest sounds about right. I like your thinking. Going to ABR tomorrow?

Kel said...

Good choices on the hoppy beverages. If you need a third, I'd recommend Tyranena Hop Whore if you can find it.