Friday, July 25, 2008

walk the dog

So I was out running on Minnehaha Parkway last night. Somewhere around 12th Avenue I saw one of those things that makes you question the survival of humanity.

I approached a couple walking their Jack Russel terrier & pulling a toddler in a little red wagon. They were giving the toddler play-by-play, "Look at the pretty bird. See him? Pretty bird!" in one of those octave-too-high voices reserved for little ones.

As I ran by the wagon, the toddler barked at me... because it wasn't a toddler but a dog! They were walking one dog and towing the other. And they were telling the pug what it was missing out on. Wrap your head around that one!

The pug didn't appear to be injured. It jumped up when I ran by. I give the couple kudos for walking the Jack Russel. But seriously, if the dog needs to ride in a wagon just leave it home.

There aren't many things more off-putting than expecting to see a cute baby & instead being barked at by a stocky, bug-eyed furball. It wasn't quite Rosemary's Baby disturbing, but it was definitely close.

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