Thursday, November 15, 2007

odds and ends

Chad Austin interviews Jason Lemkuhle about the marathon trials & getting back to the track.

Proof that the whole damn world has lost it's mind; Santas in Australia have to say "Ha Ha Ha" instead of "Ho Ho Ho" because "Ho" is american slang for a woman of ill repute. Except they're in Australia, so why does it matter?

Also, today is the Great American Smokeout. I'm guessing not many readers of a runblog are smokers. If you are, put the Parliments down for today. The ACS has a cool anti-smoking poster gallery on their website. My dad had the 1969 one hanging in our garage. I was about 12 before I figured out that was a woman & not a man in the photo. I've been scarred ever since.

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