Monday, November 5, 2007

big weekend

A lot happened last weekend, the men's marathon trials, MN State cross country, Mankato State qualified for D2 nationals... my wife & I got a little kitten... so there's lots going on.

Rather than link to a zillion different articles, I'm sending you to Down the Backstretch. They do a killer job of covering Minnesota running.

However, I have the market totally cornered when it comes to new kitten coverage.

Behold the new cuteness:

Also last weekend was the Rocky's Run 5K and 8K cross country extraveganza at the U of M golf course. Holy crap, was that race hard! I bonked at 5K. It sucked. I'm blaming the cold I had all week - I hadn't run since the previous Monday.

I noticed a lot of people with fancy cameras taking pictures, but I haven't seen any online. So, if you were one of the folks shooting the race, throw those pics on or flickr or something so we can all see how bad we looked after 8 hilly Ks on the golf course.


Chris said...

There are some up now on Skinny Ski. are you ready for your closeup?

Chris said...

sorry. bad link. Skinny Ski