Thursday, November 1, 2007

men's marathon trials preview in the Star Tribune

Jason Lehmkuhle and Chris Lundstrom made some ink in the Star Tribune this morning.

Jason has pretty much the greatest plan ever for running a marathon; "My experience in marathons shows me I need to run my own race. I'm going to be less interested in if there are a lot of big moves being made up front than I am in doing what's best for me." Right on.

Rip it up on Saturday, boys!!!


Chad said...

"That means virtually every runner is a threat to challenge for the three-man Olympic team."

Come on, let's be realistic.

MDRA said...

Yeah, not everyone there is a threat. About a dozen guys are a threat, the rest are longshots. Granted, they're insanely fit, talented, motivated, genetically-lucky-mutant-freaks...but they're still long shots. It must be weird to have a 2:18 marathon under your belt & be considered one of the "slow" guys.