Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i wussed out this morning

I was planning on biking to work this morning. Then I checked the weather & saw this:

4 degrees? Huh? Wasn't it supposed to be 18 overnight? Not to mention the strong wind out of the North West (the direction of my ride to work). So, I wussed out. Maybe I'll man-up and ride tomorrow...just as soon as I find every piece of wool & wind-block clothing I own.

On a related note, here are my all time top three essential items for winter running survival:

Craft Thermal Lobster Glove These suckers will keep your hands warm when the temp is well below zero.

Wind Stop Underwear I just happened to link to a pair from Craft, but I can also vouch for Swix, Helly Hansen & Patagonia. If you are a man who runs in winter, you need these...especially if you plan on having kids.

Smartwool Adrenaline Socks These are warmer & taller than regular Smartwool running socks, but not as bulky as their hiking socks. Everything from Smartwool is money. Buy as much of their clothing as you can. It rules.

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