Wednesday, January 16, 2008

team up for beantown

Here's the deal, we're trying to have some MDRA teams run at the Boston Marathon. We can have up to 15 people on a roster, top three score, top five are listed in the results. If we have at least three we can form a team. There are currently open teams in the works, and a masters team would be sweet as well.

So, if'n you're running Boston & you're an MDRA member, contact Heidi so we can get you on the roster.

There will be dozens of Minnesotans out there watching the women's marathon trials, so we'll work out a location for a Minnesota cheering section. Bring lefse and a hotdish to pass. Notice I said 'hotdish' instead of 'hot dish'. That's how we roll on the North coast, suckas.


Kirk said...

Right now we have 4 people on the roster. If we get a good number of people, we'll put together multiple teams. I'll think of something creative, like MDRA 1 and MDRA 2.

Chad said...

I'd be interested.