Sunday, January 20, 2008

MDRA Annual Party Recap

Lots 'o folks braved abso-friggin-lutely cold temps to make the annual party on saturday. I felt like a pimp for running 8 miles with Kevin B. before the shindig went down, while most others opted for the treadmill. Incidentally, it takes 5 layers - top & bottom - to keep warm in that stuff.

Some annual party observations:

Everyone was (as usual) impressed with the photos Wayne Kryduba put together for the slideshow. It's amazing what one man with a Canon DSLR can capture.

Gentleman runners of MN, prepare to have your hearts broken. Team USA-MN's Emily Brown was at the meeting to pick up a MEADP award. More than one guy fell victim to muscle strain while rubberneckin' to get a view of her. Oh, she also has a 10 mile PR of 56:40... and she concentrates on shorter distances!

I'll give you a moment to compose yourselves...

Now then... Runners prefer Diet Coke to Sprite. Not Sure why.

We need more women to participate in the MDRA Grand Prix series. Not all age groups had enough participants, so some women were rolled into the next group up. Get out there & compete, ladies!!

Veggie pizza is not as popular as the stuff loaded with meat. Who knew? Runners are a carnivores lot.

Lots of awards were won by lots of people. We'll try to get a list up soon.

For those of you who missed the annual runner throwdown, do try to make it next year. We'll save you a slice of veggie 'za.


Anonymous said...
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wkphoto said...

Thanks for the kudos MN Blogger, you guys and gals make it easy to capture exciting images with all the various "expressions" everybody has. Looking forward to another year of it, see ya in the cold saturday!

wkphoto said...

A big THANKS! also go to Blogger man for putting the images in a show to music for everyone to enjoy....