Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wanna Race?

The USATF Team Circuit is fast approaching, and MDRA is getting the band back together!!

A few years ago Kirk Walztoni put together the Bad News Bears Racing Team MDRA Racing team.  We did an admirable job of getting participation ribbons and we want to just that again this year.  The mission of the team is for people who of all levels of speed and seriousness to feel welcome to particpate.  If you think about the MDRA marathon training classes, we have marathoners running of all abilities, be it the first time marathoner who just wants to beat the sweeper bus to runners in the 2:40s.  And all are welcome and equally important to our classes.  Okay, fine, so the sub 2:40s runners tend to move on, but you know, Run N Fun and Collegeville are allowed to have some runners too.

But if you are not in the sub 15 minute 5k bracket or a sub 2:30 marathoner, than does MDRA have a race team for you.  Our team!  The team is open to anyone, but we really really would like you to be an MDRA member.  That's pretty much all it takes.

We will have a men's open team, women's open team, men's masters team, and a women's masters team. The men's open team will be headed by Mike Nawrocki (hey that's me!), the open women's team by Lauren Shoup, the men's masters by Paul "The Professor" LaMere, and the women's masters have been running strong for years and will be headed by Kathryn Welo Benhardus.

Click here for a list of the USATF Team Circuit Races.

Requirements to be part of Team MDRA:
1. You need to buy your own USATF Membership.  Begin the process by clicking here.
2. When you sign up for a USATF Team Circuit Race, there will be a box where you indicate which team you are on.  You will indicate you are on Team MDRA.
3. E-mail the head of your team to let him or her know you have signed up will be there.
4. There is no age or speed requirement to be on the team.  You are not obligated to run a specfic number of races, just show up when you can.

1. Friends and peers to run with and to encourage each other.
2. Post-race socializing at some establishment or another.  Your team organizers will put that together.
3. All abilities are welcome.  Anyone who has taken an MDRA training class knows that everyone is welcome and equally part of the group.  We will have some runners who are fast and serious but also make those of us, including me, who not as fast and serious, feel welcome and part of the group.

What else do you need? Contact me at Michael.D.NawrockiATgmailDOTcom with any questions or to let me know you want to be part of the team.

And keep reading this blog to get to more about the team and I'll also introduce Paul, Kathryn, and Lauren.

First race will be the Human Race, but it's never going to be too late to join.  See you at the races.

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