Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Four Keys to Cross-Training for Runners

Must Know tips to keep you in your best running shape

By Ed Eyestone (Runners World 11/9/2006)

1. Choose workouts that are closest to running in terms of muscles used and aerobic systems taxed. Good options include elliptical trainers, cross-country ski machines, stationary bikes and water running.

2. When cross-training, keep your heart rate at or above 70 percent of your maximum heart rate (220-minus your age) most of the time. In other words, you should be working hard and sweating a lot.

3. Check your morning heart rate regularly. An elevated morning heart rate is a sign over over training, which can occur if you add too much cross-training too soon.

4. Combine cross-training with running to maximize running fitness with actual lower mileage. You can substitute 25 to 30 percent of your weekly "mileage" with cross-training.

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