Tuesday, March 10, 2009

and the MDRA member drive rolls on...

Welcome to day 2 of our first ever public call for membership. I wish we could do a fun, live member drive like MPR. Unfortunately, we can't.

Fortunately, my mind (which is all tuned up on caffeine and endorphins) can imagine one for you. I present myself (board member Colin) and Heidi (office manager and the glue that holds us together) as we take to the radio to spread the word

Colin: Hello, and welcome back to our first ever MDRA member drive! I'm Colin and with me is Heidi.

Heidi: Hello every one. We just want a moment of your time to highlight some MDRA membership benefits.

Colin: That's right Heidi. These are year-round benefits our new and returning members enjoy.

Heidi: We all know that running during the long Minnesota winter can be hard. It's tough to motivate yourself to run when the temp is below zero. That's why MDRA supports the Polar Bear group outdoor runs and indoor running at the Metrodome.

Colin: But it isn't just training where we help out.

Heidi: Yes, we put on a Spring race series every year that is free to MDRA members. We also sponsor many other races. You can help us by spreading the word to your running friends who aren't already MDRA members.

Colin: Totally! We're nothing without our members. You gotta join or renew man!!!

Heidi: Uhh... yes, renewing members help us sustain our organization. Many of our members let their membership lapse for a month or two before renewing.

Colin: I myself let my membership lapse this year when I forgot to renew at MDRA annual party. Please don't hate me, Heidi!!

Heidi: Oh...kay? Well, that just shows that anyone can allow membership renewal to slip their mind.

Colin: We don't have time for lapsing! The economy is going down in flames and we need member support to make it! If you join now I'll wash your car. Promise!

Heidi: (in a hushed voice to Colin, "Keep it together, man!") Um, speaking of the economy - an MDRA membership will get you a discount on running shoes at several Minnesota stores. You will easily recoup your membership fee with perks like free races and discounts. Tell your running buddies about that and you'll be a hero.

Colin: That's right. And if you join right now, I'll mow your lawn.

Heidi: Its snowing.

Colin: I'll shovel your driveway. I'll babysit your kids! We need members!! The sky is falling!!!

Heidi: (Again, in a hushed voice to Colin, "The economy isn't as bad as you think. Our members will continue to support us. Mellow out!")Um... getting back to our member drive...um... the MDRA programs committee puts on several running classes per year. We have everything from beginning running to Spring and Fall marathon classes. Many members enjoy the coaches and camaraderie so much, they return every year.

Colin: (Sound of a bottle of Night Train opening, followed by several gulps.)

Heidi: We know all of our members and potential members are spending less these days. That's why we want to remind everyone that an MDRA membership can help you save money and stay plugged in to the Minnesota running scene we all love.

Colin: (quiet sobbing) I just opened my 401K statement. (loud sobbing)

Heidi: Don't forget, MDRA members receive Run Minnesota magazine which is full of stories about Minnesota running, photos and race results.

Colin: We got a blog and a Facebook group too.

Heidi: Yes, there are many ways for our members to connect with us. We'd like to thank all of you for taking time out of your day to listen to us and to support MDRA. Remember, you can join or renew your membership online.

Colin: (sniffle)

Heidi: Thank you again for your support.

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