Monday, August 4, 2008

that was a rough one

The Hennepin-Lake Classic went down yesterday morning. Conditions were, in a word, 'humid'. Conditions in two words were 'crazy humid'. I won't go in to conditions in three or more words, as I'd have to break out some vocab from my four-letter-word arsenal.

Fortunately, it appeared that everyone was smart enough to slow down a bit & stay hydrated. I didn't see any ambulances on the course, which is always good.

I did weigh myself on the fancy digital scale at the Y before & after the race. Even after consuming ~30oz of water after the 5K, I was 4 pounds and change lighter after the double header. That's a half gallon of sweat. That's nuts!

That's also why I waited until 3:00 to post this. My apologies if you were enjoying a late lunch while reading this entry.

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