Thursday, May 1, 2008

more Boston news & sportsmanship

First, here's the best act of sportsmanship ever.

Next, (thanks for the reminder, Chad) here's a recap of how the MDRA teams ran at Boston from masters runner Tony.

Things went well in Boston. Our Master's team was 16th out of 83 teams, with a team time of 8:52:36, and with all of our scorers coming in under 3 hours. The Open team finished 35th in a very competitive field of 75. All three scores were in at 2:55, for a team time of 8:46:26. I think we were able to show that Minnesota has a strong running community.

Nice job guys! Full team results here.

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Rocco said...

A 35 second gap between the 1st and 3rd runner. Sure we may have been 35th whatever, but we surely got 1st place for smallest standard deviation. MDRA rules!