Wednesday, April 2, 2008

man oh man...the awsomeness!

Here's some totally sweet news; MDRA official photographer Wayne Kryduba is now one of the photogs for the Twins!

We'll let him tell it, "I'm sometimes in the 3rd base camera area, and the 1st base camera area and behind those cutout rectangles in the wall behind home plate....along with in the stands getting fan shots and on the field getting the events."

Kudos, congrats, and shouts-out go to Wayne & his arsenal of cameras, lenses & other implements of destruction. You can check out his tasty race images from the past year over here.

P.S. I hope at least one person gets the Arlo Guthrie reference in there...I bet Norm will.


Chad said...

Congrats to Wayne!!!

norm said...

Can you really get anything you want, Colin? And does your wife know about Alice?

MDRA said...

Yeah! Norm got it! :-)