Sunday, March 16, 2008

mmmmmm... recovery food

The French have got this food thing down. Tonight I had pizza with créme fràiché (spelling almost certainly incorrect) scallops, salmon and basil.

Oh. Hell. Yeah.

Lots of Nantes runners were out and about today. The prefered running attire for 50 degrees and windy was tights and a T-shirt. They may kick our butts when it comes to food, but we've got these cats beat when it comes to running fashion sense.

In other news, you can make your own parking space here:

My brother-in-law parked his Renault on the sidewalk when he couldn't find a spot. He tells me that you can park on the sidewalk overnight and not get a ticket. The police don't issue parking tickets after 10:00PM or so.

We're years behind.

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