Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i'll just apologize in advance...

My deepest apology goes out to the Lake Nokomis area. You see, the temp today will be in the mid 40s. After work I'll be out running around the lake, wearing shorts.

And my legs are so pasty white you'll scarcely believe it.

I'm sorry for the horrible glare that will be shining off my bottom half. My only hope is that it isn't so bright as to distract pilots landing at MSP.

I apologize profusely to the other runners and walkers. Please consider bringing sunglasses along on your run. I really hope my pasty sheen doesn't cause permanent damage to your retinas.

I just don't have the genetic makeup to maintain any sort of color over the long Minnesota winter. My ancestry is 50% Polish, 25% Swedish & 25% Irish. None of those people are renowned for their swarthy, bronze glow.

So I apologize for the temporary blindness I will inflict upon the Lake Nokomis area tonight. I wish I could go tanning instead, but it's going to be too damn nice to not go for a run.

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