Thursday, February 28, 2008

the kids seem to love it...

Well, we're on MySpace now. Check it:

I'm guessing the account will get flooded with spam & crap and we'll shut it down before too long, but what the hell. Maybe we can recruit a few younger members along the way. The kids are all about the MySpace & the FaceBook and other online sites with no spaces in their names. Weird.

I felt a little pervy, signing up with MySpace as a 29 year old. In the profile section there's a box you can check if you're a 'swinger' and 'looking to hook up'. I almost checked it out of sheer morbid curiosity, but I chickened out. I'm guessing the Swingers of the world are too busy hooking up to get much running in.

I think the key to getting more 'friends' is to post a bunch of really sexy pictures. So here's the deal, send me pictures of attractive people wearing MDRA gear & I'll upload them. I'm talking SEXY 20-somethings wearing MDRA stuff. If we can't find enough pics, I'll just Photoshop some up. A little red herring never hurt.

I realized the other day that I use 'Photoshop' as a verb way more than I use it as a noun. That rules. Well, it rules if you're an art geek.


crossn81 said...

Facebook is better than Myspace - but I'll still be your friend! Facebook also makes you feel like less of a weirdo for signing up (its median age is higher)!

I was actually just thinking that MDRA needed a Facebook group.

Dan Haugen said...

I second the Facebook suggestion.