Sunday, October 14, 2007

free to a good home - high jump shoes

Someone out there must know someone that could use these:

That's a men's size 11.5 Nike high jumping shoe. They were used for one season of indoor track in 1998, my sophomore year at Luther. After indoor season, I decided that high jumping wasn't nearly as much fun as drinking beer, mountain biking and uh... "hanging out" with my girlfriend... so I quit the team. I subsequently developed a bike fetish and gained about 25 pounds. 2 years later I figured out I was better suited to distance running and 35 pounds came off, so it all worked out.

Anyhoo, these shoes are in really good shape. I still have the spikes and the wrench, though the insoles have disappeared. If you know a track coach, or some big-footed kid who's short on cash, drop me a line and we'll figure out how to get these shoes in your hands... or on your feet.


HighJumpKid said...

I'm interested!!!! email me at

Zach said...

hey I'm short on cash and this would be awesome if they're still available... My email is Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

My son could REALLY use these! Due to his sister's illness, I cannot afford much. Do you still have them? Thanks so much! E-mail me at

Anonymous said...

What is the name of this spike. Please and thank you!