Monday, September 17, 2007

people actually read this blog!

People read this thing! I'm amazed! I figured all of our hits came from Heidi & Chad. At the Ft. Snelling 5x5 I was introduced a few times as "the MDRA web guy", and was amazed by the typical follow up question. For example, the following exchange:

Marty (to cute MDRA chick): "This is Colin, he does our website."
Me: "Hi."
Cute MDRA Chick: "Oh yeah, I read your blog from time to time."
Me: "Really?"
Cute MDRA Chick: "Yeah, I think it's funny."

Wow, I'm known as a blogger! Now the pressure is on to really be funny on this thing. Or at least spell-check it.

In other news, the MDRA boys finished in the middle of the pack at the 5x5, due largely to a slow blogger dragging down the time. I promise to do speedwork before the next race. I know the Run n Fun crew is going to to hand me my ass, but I don't need to gift wrap it for them. They should have to work for it a little bit - or at least thank me for making them look good. I'm providing a valuable ego-boosting service here! Not that anyone running a sub 16:00 5K needs their ego boosted.

1 comment:

Chad said...

Please let me know if sucking up to cute chicks on your blog works.

Also, you can always put some type of stat counter on your blog to tell you how many hits you are getting.