Friday, September 7, 2007

I wish I was running City of Lakes!

Man oh Man, I wish I was running City of Lakes this year! I've never run that race in temps below 85! Last year the weather was great, this year looks to be even better. Can you tell I have a bit of a weather fetish? I should just trade blogs with Sven Sundgaard & Johnathan Yuhas - they write about running more than I do!

Last year there was a bit of confusion about the location of the COL25K start. The race ends and the band shell, but it begins at the SW end of Lake Harriet. Here's a map of the course (not exact, but close) to help you get your barrings.

Race starts at 8:00 Sharp. When we say 8:00 sharp, we mean it! Race director Jeff Winter is a stickler for on-time events. He's also a stickler for putting on great races, so thank him if you see him out there. He'll likely be zipping around on a motorcycle.

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Chad said...

Does Sven own a shirt?