Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Local marathon seeks hardcore volunteers for course marshaling and walks on the beach.

Every runner knows that races simply wouldn't happen if it weren't for volunteers. Well, the Twin Cities Marathon needs your help. They're on the lookout for Head Course Marshals. This is the top-of-the-food-chain of volunteer positions. I gotta say, it sounds pretty sweet. Description and contact info below.

Head Course Marshal:
This person would be responsible for a section of the marathon course on race day. The Head Marshals tasks would include finding volunteers (with the help of the Volunteer Committee), getting to know the 1-2 miles stretch of the course they are assigned, ensuring the safety of race day participants while on their stretch of course, maintaining radio contact with marathon staff during the race, helping emergency personnel if there is a situation on the course in their area, and clean up of their section of the course. We have a course marshal manual to help with training and there are a couple of meetings before race day to make sure all Head Course Marshals are comfortable with their responsibilities.

This position comes with not only the satisfaction of helping the local marathon, but also with TCM Inc. Association Membership, which brings with it a couple of nice events every year and a nice jacket and other handouts.

For more info, contact Andrew Unglaube at 612-310-8333.

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