Thursday, August 30, 2007

Breakin' the law

If you see a guy spray painting curbs early Saturday morning, don't call the cops! I'll be marking the City of Lakes 25K course for the race next week. I'm hoping to go unnoticed by the Man (read: Mpls park police) as I bike around the lakes with spraypaint in my water bottle cage. Last thing I need is the fuzz writing me a ticket.

If I have some paint left over, maybe I'll get creative. Time to put that Art degree to work!

In other news, does anyone out there know who was on the MN Baba Yaga team that won Hood to Coast? I can't find a team roster on the HtC website, and I'd love to give them a shout-out.

1 comment:

Chad said...

I'm hearing Robin Balder-Laneau, Erin Ward, Laurie Hanscom & Cindy Brochman.