Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good luck at Grandma's!

Good luck to all Grandma's Marathon, Half and 5K participants this weekend! Many of you are probably headed up early (as am I) to avoid the disastrous road construction on I-35. Come early, stay late (into the night on Saturday!)

As your Tuesday Trails writer, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I ran my last soft trail run pre-marathon last night. I lightly jogged an old favorite: the short stretch of soft trail around the NE quadrant of Cedar Lake. Beautiful sunset, tons of paddlers on the lake, and I had the trails all to myself. One lake over at Calhoun felt like a moving frat party, but Cedar offered solitude as I mentally prepped for running 26.2. Do you have a favorite pre-marathon running route in the days leading up to a race?

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Good luck to all runners, especially those who trained with the MDRA class, ESPECIALLY those running their first half or full marathon! Look for me, I'll be wearing a dark blue singlet that says "BARR" in big, white letters. Cheer for me, and I'll cheer for you. Don't cheer for me, I'll cheer even louder! (shoot, I just realized that I left my cowbell back in Minneapolis. I'll have to shout really loud now!)

Also, remember to stop by the MDRA booth at the expo and say hi to Heidi and whomever else is working the booth (I'll be there for an hour or two as well). Grab our latest MDRA magazine and sign up for all the great member benefits!

Good luck out there and have fun!

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Julie said...

You are leaving already!?! I am not able to leave until tomorrow at noon! I hope that I don't have any issues with traffic:(

I will look for you and cheer loud:) I will be wearing a hot pink singlet and black Nike shorts...I could use a little cowbell! Hope to see you there!