Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Polar Bear Sightings

Today the role of Colin will be played by Mike Nawrocki, only I'm not as witty or charming. But I do come armed with a lot of words and information.

Last Saturday marked the beginning of MDRA's annual Polar Bear program. The Polar Bears is a free, informal MDRA winter running group. We meet every Saturday at 8 a.m. through the winter (until the Spring Marathon/Half Marathon Training Program starts in late Feb/early March).

This year the Polar Bears will be organized by Gary Nathan and Michael Nawrocki (hey that's me!). Mike (hey that's me again!) and Gary are committed to making sure all runners of all speed and experience can find a group of people to run with.

If you are interested in joining the group, the information about each weekly run will be distributed in a Google group. Click here: http://groups.google.com/group/mdra-polar-bears to access the group and request to join.

Remember: the goal of the Polar Bears is to get as many of us out running in the winter. Power in numbers. No one is too fast or slow for this group. So bring your friends and family to this free runner friendly program.

As the winter season progresses, I'll send some updates and maybe some pictures of those brave enough to take on the elements. Last Saturday's Polar Bear Run didn't take a lot of courage since the conditions were perfect. We had a great turnout... around 40 runners, ranging from 7:00 mile pace to 11:00 miles. Folks ran anywhere between four and 10 miles. So come out and join this Saturday. There's a pace and a distance for everyone!

Until the snow covers the trails, we are going to try take advantage of all the great parks we have in the metro area (once the snow and ice hits, our options will be limited to paths that are plowed). This Saturday we are and Elm Creek Park Preserve in Maple Grove.

Details about this week's run:
Polar Bear Run 10/31/09
Halloween Saturday

Eastman Nature Center - Elm Creek Park Reserve
13351 Elm Creek Rd
Maple Grove, 55369

Free Parking Lot

8:00 am sharp (arrive 10 minutes early for route info)

4 - 7
7 - 10+
All paces welcome.

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