Wednesday, April 1, 2009

new product announcement

Looks like thee folks at Gatorade decided to capitalize on the demise of Sparx and Zima. They just put word of this new product out to running clubs:

According to Gatorade spokesperson April Fhules, "Gatorade is expanding their post-workout beverage line with the introduction of GatorBrew®. This family of refreshing, lightly carbonated beverages features electrolytes, complex carbohydrates and an alcohol content of 5.2%."

There's no way I'm saving this for after a run. It takes a long time to run a marathon. Might as well crack a GatorBrew at mile 18 and get nice.

1 comment:

brent said...

i almost got really upset at this product...but upon further reflection...i think i know what it is! :)