Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dueling Runners

I have never been, but I hear tell of a bar in the Warehouse District where pianists duel each other. Colin has invited me join in and help out with the blog, not that he needs any help. Sometimes expanding and building doesn't always make things better, but I am really excited to get the chance to share this blog with Colin. Consider this a virtual Shout House

My name is Mike Nawrocki and I am a new board member and if anything strikes my fancy, running related, you'll find me posting here.

So with that being said, I should probably have something more to say than "I've never been to the Shout House." You know, something running related.

Ummm, let's see.... thinking, thinking. Oh yeah, I went running this morning in running gloves that were still a little wet from last night. So my running gloves were actually wet rags and my hands were super cold. Thankfully I was running with my MDRA Racing Team teammate, Nathan and we ran to his house so he could lend some of his warmer (and more importanly drier) gloves. Those gloves saved the run and possibly my fingertips.

So a big thanks to Nathan. I was really careful throughout the run not to wipe my nose on the gloves, using my sleeve instead. When we were done I told Nathan I think I would wash the gloves for him, but I had done a pretty good job of not contaminating the glvoes. But then I pointed to one spot, and said, "Well except for there."

To which he replied, "Who knows? It's been awhile since I washed those gloves."

Ugh. Gross. Like really gross.

Winter running cannot end soon enough.

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